California, CA

California, called the Golden State for its propensity for sunshine and its history of gold rushes, is the most populous and 3rd largest state in the United States.  Originally a part of Mexico, California was annexed by the United States after the Mexican-American War.  California is one of only three of the contiguous 48 states that borders the Pacific Ocean and has the 3rd longest coastline of the all the United States.

Agriculture, international trade, utilities, and services are all prime components of California’s economy with much of its productivity oriented around international business and the services that accompany it.  California is home to Silicon Valley, a region that received its name due to the large number of tech businesses based in the area, and is one of the leading states in the development of computer and internet technology.  California’s vast coastline, generally warm climate, and nationally recognized Redwood forests are popular tourist attractions.  Hollywood, Disneyland Park, and Universal Studios are also world-renowned tourist destinations.

California’s large population is concentrated heavily on the coastline in the San Francisco and Los Angeles metro areas.  Its population is very diverse in ethnicity and area; with San Francisco long serving as a point of entry for immigrants crossing the Pacific Ocean.

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